Special advisory on safety and security for patients, relatives and visitors

Kindly read carefully these helpful important tips which will greatly assist and enhance hospital management's efforts to properly secure the safety of personal possessions during confinement. Patient safety and security are primary concerns of RSJMC.

  • Please do not bring jewelry and valuable items when confined. If you have in your possession such items upon admission, we strongly recommend that you send these home for safekeeping. RSJMC is not responsible for any losses and damages.
  • All payments for HOSPITAL or PHYSICIAN'S BILL (in cash, credit card or check) are made directly only with the hospital cashier located on the ground floor of the hospital. It is not hospital policy to send any agent or individual to collect on its behalf payment o hospital bills elsewhere or away from hospital premises.
  • Report immediately to the floor or unit's nurse, or hospital security personnel, any suspicious individual or security-related incident. The hospital does not allow or authorize any solicitations, commercial vendor, agent or beggar within its premises at anytime.
  • No roving around of visitors after 9:00 PM
  • Do not leave cellular mobile phone (cellphone), wallet and similar personal possessions unattended.
  • Always lock your room when you have examinations, tests or procedures to undergo.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the patient's room
  • Firearms and similar lethal weapons are not allowed in patient's room or within hospital premises.
  • Pets are not allowed in the hospital premises.
  • NO SMOKING anywhere inside and within the vicinity of the hospital.